Here are the stories of how and, more importantly, why a few members of our professional staff joined the RLA team:

“When I interviewed at RLA, I was most impressed with everyone’s excitement for their job and their joy to work with one another. I have worked here now for 3 years and I am happy that that first impression has held true. It has been a welcoming place where my ideas are encouraged and my growth as an accountant has been fostered daily. The people I work with each day are funny and caring and I am so happy to spend my days with these wonderful individuals.”

Cristina Claussen, Senior Accountant

“There is never a moment of dullness here at RLA because there is always a new challenge awaiting.  The RLA team is always engaged with their employees to support them through these challenges and to push them forward to their full potential. The RLA team exhibition of passion in their work and employees is what make the firm so successful.”

Hao Chung, Account Manager

“Stepping into the world of public accounting straight out of college, my ambitions were great, my dreams were extravagant, and my fears unruly. From the first day I stepped into the Robert Lee & Associates office, those ambitions have grown exponentially, the dreams have become larger than life, and those fears have been tamed and turned into a never ending education. I look forward to the future years at RLA to see where those ambitions take me, how my dreams will drive me, and how I can use my newfound knowledge to pursue my forthcoming.”

Katie Crowley, Experienced Associate

“Bob asked me to join them when he was starting the firm and I jumped at the chance because of the respect I have for him.  In my experience, his commitment to our clients and our team is unmatched in the industry. The RLA staff works hard to exceed our client’s expectations, and I am proud to be a part of this dedicated and professional team.”

Roseann Dybas, Office Manager