RLA’s culture is the collective way we do things around here. It involves a learned set of behaviors that is common knowledge to all the participants. These behaviors are based on a shared system of core values which guide our perceptions, understanding of events, and what we pay attention to.

RLA’s growth and expansion has not altered the core values that have defined the firm since its formation.  The legacy of its founders – unparalleled client service, integrity, creativity and the highest quality services – continues to define RLA today.

While our core values define us, our strength is derived from our commitment to a progressive work environment that empowers and challenges our partners and professional staff to achieve excellence.  At RLA, we enjoy working in a diverse environment that values individual talents, abilities, personalities, cultures and backgrounds.

Our firm is committed to the communities in which our employees live and work.  RLA employees regularly team together to volunteer their time and energy for local charitable institutions and causes. We know that our clients are better served by a firm whose members truly enjoy working together.  We are proud of our firm and will hold true to those values that have driven our success thanks to the ongoing efforts of all of the members of the RLA family.